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Autonomous Checkout is Easy

Future of retail is unattended shopping and with Niflr's AI based autonomous checkout technology it's super easy to implement

Contact less, Queue less, Hassle free

We automate retail spaces providing highly accurate autonomous checkout at affordable cost

Our platform offers 99% accuracy from the 1st day of operations.

Hassle Free
Hassle Free

Autonomous checkout and in-store virtual assistants reduce shopping time by upto 50%


The solution comes at a very affordable price and is an excellent fit for developing markets

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Break-even in 12 months

We partner with you to ensure you break-even in fastest time

Superfast Implementation

It takes us 2 days to implement the solution and go live

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Deep Insights

AI driven BIG Data platform provides deep insights about the consumer behaviour

Realtime Inventory
Realtime Inventory Visibility

Realtime inventory dashboards to ensure you always have products on shelf

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Customer Engagement

Personalized Customer Engagement platform keeps you connected with your customers

End-2-End Retail Solution

Our Autonomous Retail Suite provides everything needed for running your stores


“50,000+ Autonomous checkouts and thousands of happy customers”

My grocery shopping has never been easier. Autonomous checkout is amazing.
-Shekhar Chauhan, Adarsh Palm Retreat Villa

I can search whatever I need using Niflr App or in-store virtual assistant. It tells me exactly where it is. I just love it. I have stopped ordering my groceries online.
-Priya Kanduri, Uber Verdant

It's so simple that my 6 year old kid can also buy what he needs. Simply awesome.
-Shalini Tomar, Mahaveer Orchids

Automate your store with Niflr

Future of retail is here. Do not make your customers wait in long queues.

Superfast Implementation

We can convert any conventional retail store into an autonomous checkout store


Mobile APP SDKs

iOS, Android and React Native SDKs for hassle free integration with your consumer mobile apps



We can integrate with any of your existing retail and supply chain solutions


Flexible Pricing

We offer multiple pricing options for you to choose the one that works best for you

Tried our AI powered demand prediction?
Now your inventory planning can never go wrong.

It's not offline or online, it's just retail !!!

Thirty years ago, barcode created a revolution in retail. Nothing has changed since then....

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Age of vision - Can computer see what humans can't?

A few years ago, there used to be a debate about "Can computer see?". Today we are discussing "Can computer see what humans can't?".

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Is autonomous checkout meant only for Amazons and Googles of the world?

Niflr's vision is to democratize the technology needed for autonomous checkout and empower conventional retail with the right technology tools to take on the challenges put up by the ruthless biggies who want to take it all. With Niflr, anybody, right from a Kirana store to a FMCG brand can have their own autonomous stores.

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Flexible Pricing
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White Labeled Smartphone App
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End-2-End retail solution
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Big Data Analytics

Some of the stores powered by Niflr

Shelley McNabb avatar image
Uber Verdant
Sarjapur, Bangalore
Mary Goddard avatar image
Adarsh Palm Retreat Villas
Bellandur, Bangalore
Bradley Singleton avatar image
Mahaveer Orchids
Hosa Road, Bangalore

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